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About Us

About our President - Helen Hua

1 Ms Hua received license granted by the Canada authority to immigration practitioners, and started to practice immigration in 2006 when in the year the        Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) requires practitioners to be licensed in order to practice immigration matters.  Since 2006 Ms Hua has          successfully represented various types of immigation/visas.  Ms Hua is a member in good standing of ICCRC.

2 Ms Hua was honored by David Alward,  the Premier of New Brunswick, as New Brunswick Ambassador, in 2011, an recognizion on her as an important    contributor to the economic success of New Brunswick.

3 Ms Hua finished her study in the law faculty of the University of Hull (UK) and was conferred with LL.M (Master of Laws) in international business laws in   2000.

4 Ms Hua finished her undergraduate study in Beijing 2nd Foreign Language Institute (Erwai) where she learned business laws from Dr. Robert Char, an         American lawyer who teaches and practices international business laws in China where she was conferred with Bachelor Degree in Economics.

5 Ms Hua started to counsel clients of well-known multinational corporations and involve international business law since 1997.